ragfoxinspo: young and beautiful

A little bit of ragfoxinspo: I love scrolling through instagram, tumblr, pinterest and other social media sites as grand sources of inspiration (be it fashion, photography, interior design or cooking) but this week I happened to come across a bunch of cool portraits among instagram that I want to share with you. Some young Angelina Jolie with pink hair, Candice Swanpoel adorning the ever-so-popular flower crown and blogger "weworewhat" sharing her first photo in her new apartment were just a few photos that really stuck out for me this week.

1. "Kate Moss with elephant shot by Arthur Elgort" - posted by @vogueaustralia instagram
2. Margaux Brooke (Team Coco "The Face" contestant) shooting for 80's purple
3. I absolutely adore this portrait, though I am not sure who did it. I love the way the artist captured her eyes that were ever so slightly squinted at the light shining across her face. The freckles and messy hair give her some character and it truly inspires me to get back into art. (cause summer is as good a time as any to get back to old hobbies, right?)


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