simple beauty

She was sitting on the stone patio, leaning against the deep red brick wall of her house. Her cigarette was dangling from her delicate bony fingers which were just the same as her thin wiry frame. A large coffee table book was perched on her lap and as the wind suddenly sped up, it blew through the pages of her book, matching the rustling sound the trees made in the wind. She took one last drag from her cigarette before stubbing out the ashes in a small silver antique tray laying next to her. She slowly picked up her cappuccino and took a long sip as she watched her little sister crawl through the dirt in the vast garden in her backyard. Her knees blackened from the dark soil as she crawled around smelling every flower she saw. A piercing sound split the silence as she giggled when she fell over and landed in a heap on the soft dewy earth.


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